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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to download files from FTP Server using Command line ?

FTP command line

Launch Command Line FTP Utility

Go to Start > Run and enter cmd. Click OK or press Enter

Change Local Directory (if required)

To change to a local directory that contains your files, type cd followed by the path to the desired directory after the prompt.

For example:

  • Type cd.. to change directory to parent directory.

Enter Server Name

At the prompt, type ftp + FTP server name and press Enter

For example:

  • ftp

Enter Username & Password

You will then be prompted to enter username and password for the FTP account and press Enter.

Note: For security reasons, the password entered is not displayed on the screen.

List and Download files

After successful login, you can list the files and directories by typing ls command.

To download file type get + File name and press Enter.

For example:

  • get
  • get image1.jpg

FTP commands

Commonly used FTP commands are:

Command Description
ls Directory listing
LS -l Long Directory Listing
get To download the file from the FTP server
put To transfer file and place it on the FTP server
binary To turn on binary mode
ascii To turn on ASCII mode
delete To turn a file on FTP server
status To display how the current FTP session is configured
mkdir To make directory on FTP server
quit/close/bye/disconnect To disconnect from the FTP server

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